Peshawar is not a VILLAGE!

Peshawar is the ancient city of Asia which is preserved by no effort but fortunately. It has its own individuality and colors which aren’t spread intentionally by the government and media though no one can deny its legendry history and invasions.

Peshawar is not a VILLAGE; the concept is commonly circulated around the Pakistan and it’s not exaggerations but a reality.

Do Peshawar have roads? Oh! I thought it’s surrounded by the hills and people are living in small soil made houses having guns and turbans.

Aren’t these questions enough to leave one open mouthed as same as I was when heard such beautiful remarks about Peshawar from the citizens of Punjab.

“I think we should organize training in Islamabad because Peshawar situation is vigilant and I don’t want to die in bomb blast.” Statement by a Karachi citizen.

Sir, with due respect, is Peshawar situation worst than Karachi where you are daily fighting with your life to give you chance to survive unintentional and intentional target killing, street snatching, murder, fighting over tiny issues and threats by various unknown hidden suspects.

Peshawar is the capital of NWFP though it has become Pukhtonkhwa but I am still using NWFP because I am against the name change strategy of so called government representatives. They are never the representatives of whole population of NWFP, otherwise they wouldn’t have changed the name which was given by the Qaid e millat and his supporters.

Fort Balahisar; the famous and legendry fort which is the superior heritage of NWFP and preserved carefully but unfortunately sealed for the citizens because of security measures and nowadays under the military control. The one thing which I did unlawful is took the snap of it while passing. Obviously it was my good luck that wasn’t caught by the security guards otherwise that would be my last step in the open air.


Took some snaps though are not clear but still I want to display on my blog to make visitors change their opinion abour Peshawar and Peshawarites……!


Shama chowk is a U-turn before Tehkal road and adjacent to Khyber road.


The first entrance of hayatabad is known as Phase III Chowk.


Jeegos is in the center. Phase IV on the right back, Phase I on the front right, Phase III on the left back and Phase II on the Left front.


Zarghoni Mosque at the Entrance of Phase VI.


Mountain view of Afgan border from the top view of my house. Mountains didn’t appear clear from the top floor but instead of not taking I felt better to take a snap…. !



  1. we know peshawar is not a village :p..nice pics though…i wish i cud visit it someday..

    • 🙂 sure, might be if you could make up your mind to not settle down into foreign…. 😀

  2. nice Post … Well the name change is a mad rage amongst Indian and Pakistani govt… Every now and then, lacking any concrete political will to serve public, they play with sentiments of locales and change names… We have a number of such incidents… Bombay to Mumbai, calcutta to kolkata, Cochin to Ernakulam… so on and on…
    Latest Post abt Pakistan and world cup on Krazy Memoirs

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