Roadside Cactus…!

Cactus is a plant which I would love to have because it appears beautiful if has been planted in a pot but today I couldn’t stop myself from taking a photo of CACTUS which was grown outside a bungalow.

There is nothing amazing about but I came cross such a huge bloomed cactus for the first time, so thanks to my Samsung Star which has always been there to store something clicking in its memory.. 😛



  1. nice pic..cactus takes attention due to its thorns 🙂

  2. Hmm, a cactus this big isn’t beautiful anymore. In fact, it looks kinda scary :S

    I’ve never seen a cactus so huge!

    • 🙂 …today I saw one more huge cactus…but it wasnt that scary… 😛

  3. Haven’t seen a cactus this big… 🙂 thanks to your Samsung Star…
    Trailing comments.. came here from Nadia’s blog
    Reach me at Krazy Memoirs

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