UBL absurd behavior!

It was a worst experience in BANK.
I am just describing it all here because I was really pissed off by the bank and its staff members; notoriously they treat the customers and give them a hard time to walk in. though I am a customer of more than three known banks of Pakistan but the filthiest one is UBL.
It’s not the story of one day but they treat every other customer the way he/she is begging them for penny which they have deposited in their not so prestigious bank.

I had to withdraw my salary and required to deposit some in Askari so thought to withdraw through ATM of Askari but unfortunately the ATM was out of service. Across the road there was UBL on about half mile distance. It was almost 4:00PM so rushed but damn ATM of UBL captured my card twice which made me walked in the bank and asked for my card but the lady was extremely rude. Hell! Who asked me to come over here but by luck got the card. Moved to Faisal bank for cash withdrawal but that was an official bad day for me as ATM was out of service. Finally thought to withdraw through cheque, wrote one but Ah! Where is your original identity card, What? You require the original ID card for only 15K cheque :/
Do you have feet? Move to your own branch of UBL and encash your cheque without original ID. Are you out of your mind? It’s not on a walking distance and I don’t have single penny in my pocket. Need my salary and I have a copy of ID card if you require. No! Bring the original one. Sigh!
But then I thought to know my balance at least, walked in again. Please tell me my balance at least. But the girl was more than impossible and deadly got on my nerves when she misbehaved and started making fun of me with her branch manager and rest of the staff.
Banker Girl said: Can’t you see, it’s written on the board to bring original ID Card.
I replied: Just shut your mouth and sit quite, I am not talking to you. And now you Mr. Manager, don’t you know how to behave with customers. It’s my salary account and it’s pathetic that my employers have opened in your ridiculous bank which is good for nothing but worst for everyone. And one more thing, send her for some training to learn some manners and customer relationship ettequets.
Manager: you are misbehaving. What? I; I am misbehaving or you and your staff is misbehaving. I saw her myself making fun of me in front of the whole bank and was laughing loudly as I am here to beg some money. Your job is to facilitate customers but not to make fun of them and create fuss. I am a literate citizen who knows the rules and regulations and this is not the only bank I am in relation with but also with 3 more banks and they are superb. Actually they are professionals but sorry to say, your services are ridiculous and pathetic and your staff is good for nothing.
Manager: Ok, I apologize.
I: you should apologize and make her behave otherwise someone would seriously show her the way out which would not be fruitful at all.

Standing on the road thinking, I don’t have single penny in pocket. Caught the taxi and went home. Took the fare from mother and paid to taxi.

Is that fair to treat the customers while walk in the bank?

UBL Pakistan; Learn some Ethical and Moral traits to be praised by the customers!



  1. Sorry to hear about your experience. I always did banking with MCB (for a decade almost) and fortunately I don’t have anything to complain about. The branch was at a stone’s throw away from my home and most of the staff would recognize me. Though their ATM too would often be out of service and on many occasions I failed to withdraw amount.

    Being so unprofessional is one of the crappiest aspect of customer-staff relationship that I hate about Pakistan.

  2. Amazing! I was the only one to comment on this post. Moreover, you haven’t updated your blog either.

    Why is that? Is everyone really busy or lost interest in reading/updating? 😐

    • Not busy actually or I should say as much to not update the blog but wasn’t in mood to update though… :/ that is also a crappiest feeling, may be the weather impact.

      But now its been updated 🙂

  3. I wish you never face such situation again.
    i would like to add that if you have experienced, you will agree that
    Government servants are worse than UBL staff..
    In my sick opinion it happens to pakistanis in Pakistan; when they don’t have any chacha mama at some high post or to those who are modest and dont misuse there powers and links.

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