Peshawar; Dormant Book Stores

Knowledge is not the property of one community or religion but it was spread all the way around the world through almost every religion, sect and community. It was mostly preserved in the form of books but unfortunately people started losing interest in reading books nowadays. The most phenomenon example is the closing of book shops where we could gather mortal literature. The another crucial factor is the purchasing power of an ordinary man due to inflated rates of books.

My city Peshawar is hit badly by both factors which ultimately brought down the book stores in the city. We couldn’t hardly find single book store with rich literature which made readers to turn to other big cities for collecting books but it’s not handful for every man. Another matter which I came across previous days is the raise in price of books. Every single book costs 1K plus which is difficult to handle tactfully by the reader if he visits to buy books collectively all the way from one city to another. The same situation I came across when I got the time to read books and revive my healthy hobby but due to unavailability of potential store in Peshawar decided to purchase from Lahore which is known for its biggest market regarding literature but became shocked to check the coated price tags on books. The overall situation ultimately made me bought nothing and return with saddening thought that not only we have snatched the purchasing power of a reader but also playing a highlighted role in the loss of his interest in buying and reading books.

May be I am not wasting time in highlighting the issue and hopefully it might cast some good impact. Is there anyone who could come up with good beneficial solution?



  1. thats really a pitiable situation!

  2. Ahhh.. that’s an agreement from a reader..

    I can only wish for libraries.. even small ones but spread through out the country would do..

    But anyone interested in opening libraries would not and cannot do it as a business.. as it would take a long long time to indude the habit of reading into people.. But once we have libraries, we can expect that after a (long) while, the habit will be revived, people will be more interested in reading.. there will then be more book stores and we can expect a decrease in prices as well…

    What we can do ourselves is try to get the youngsters to read books. A friend of mine once told me that children should be read stories to at the age of 5 months. And while reading you should be showing the book to the child. The book should have big color ful pictures. The child would then build up a habit of reading as he grows older.

    At least we can do this bit. 🙂

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