Slum !

“Baji safai karwani hai?”
“Sahab sheesha saaf kar doon?”

Children roaming around the streets and lingering on roads while knocking every car window, asking for cleaning the front shield or knocking every door in the street for every sort of usual tasks.

Are they slum or their poor living condition and circumstances are forcing them to do labor instead of going to school or live and enjoy the life as other children are adding value to their healthy life.

People use to allow them to clean the wind shield or clean the drive way or hedges but don’t bother to think about their future or giving them education and necessities of life. They just bother to take out their work by paying them 10 to 20 Rs and feel as their responsibility is concerned only to this point.

Number of slum children is increasing day by day and more roads are covered by them now. At the end of the day, they use to collect garbage and grass, fill them in their sacks and take them home. No one knows whether they will come tomorrow or be seen on the roads or one of them will die tonight by starvation.

Isn’t it our moral duty or ethical responsibility to consider those infants along with our own kids?


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  1. Our moral values are dead because we are living a self-centered life. We point out evil, we shake our head in displeasure and we question but we don’t take practical steps.
    We have a hundred reasons for not helping the needy and giving them what they deserve but we don’t have a single reason to throw away our prejudices and give them a helping hand.

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