Don’t go!
Please don’t leave me alone, I beg you. Don’t go!
I am sorry I have to. I would have stopped if I could but I have to go. you are not my destiny!
Destiny; So take me along with you. I will go wherever you will take me but don’t leave me nowhere.
you chose the wrong person, I am not the one who could stand by you. Change your way, it’s not too late or you will be ruined.
My last verdict.
Stay happy; Bye forever!

Coldness was never felt as hard as it is.
I am DEAD!


I May not get the TIME!

I am writing this post totally unknowingly why am I doing so but fortunately I am unaware of the reason. Perhaps, I have started feeling that we should say whatever we like to at the time when we think of it rather waiting for the right time because right time might come after our departure and that would be the most impractical thing for us. Moreover, to pour out our heart it’s easier to write up few lines and surprisingly not digesting the bitter realities.

I Am SORRY for everything I have ever said and if anyone got hurt because of it, every single alphabet ever threw out of my slippery tongue couldn’t be swallowed back; I know. But I AM SORRY and I mean it.


Life will take a TURN, just be patient!


Till your last breath!

Live every moment of your life, every moment is precious!


Till it’s not over!

Never regret, just repent so you couldn’t be in the same Chaos as you were!


Till your heart starts throbbing!

Let it go, if it wants to. Whether Time, Thing or Person!


Till it bounces back to you!

Help & be a good friend of everyone!


Till he doesn’t hurt your dignity!

I Turned 30!

Happy Birthday To ME!

Faded Rainbow!

Morning Morning….!

My mood swing on the verge of moment…

My doll house left in the gloom of shadow and all colors spread by the drop of water, paper got wet which never be dry so threw on the roadside. My horse flew as he gt wings while I couldn’t ride because of broken wings. My notes were lost so broke violin strings, it was no more lyrical so buried under the ground. On the way met hundreds but the journey never stopped, finally a stop found where thought to sustain but it was all illusion. when came out of midst, the world is same with the piles of efforts and hypes of struggle but the rainbow got faded as I have been approaching the DESTINY which is the Ultimate.

Rest is fine!