I May not get the TIME!

I am writing this post totally unknowingly why am I doing so but fortunately I am unaware of the reason. Perhaps, I have started feeling that we should say whatever we like to at the time when we think of it rather waiting for the right time because right time might come after our departure and that would be the most impractical thing for us. Moreover, to pour out our heart it’s easier to write up few lines and surprisingly not digesting the bitter realities.

I Am SORRY for everything I have ever said and if anyone got hurt because of it, every single alphabet ever threw out of my slippery tongue couldn’t be swallowed back; I know. But I AM SORRY and I mean it.



  1. Only say sorry when you sure you wrong unless the person on the other side is not someone v v v v v v v special that you can accept you’re wrong even when right 😉 But,anyways, Allah bless! Hugie !

  2. Istighfaar! it is so important first from the people as you did and then from Allah Subhanawataala, May Allah accept it.

    • Haqooq ul Ibad come before Haqooq Allah… so we should say sorry before it gets late…

  3. Love the colors and blog design:)

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