The Beaconhouse Times!

Beaconhouse School System has launched an online magazine “The Beaconhouse Times” for Students, Teachers, Parents and visitors to come across Beaconhouse and it’s prospects.
It’s a complete package to attract everyone with the colorful activities by the students, book reviews, poetry written by the students, Articles posted by the correspondents, videos, pictures and much more which worth enough to be enjoyed and grabbed attention.

The website has just been launched which will cover all the 9 countries but initially Pakistan is the active hyperlink which will explore the website more and dig out the stories from 150 branches of Beaconhouse around the country.

You will surely enjoy the survey and it’s just one click ahead. 🙂

Beaconhouse Pakistan:

Enjoy to explore the world of Beaconhouse. 🙂


Nominated for Pakistan Blog Awards!

My Blog visitors, bloggers, friends… My Blog Capture Universe has been nominated for Pakistan Blog Awards (Best Diarist), Please vote and Rank 5 Star to make me win this contest.

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Happy Birthday Kisa…!

I have been trying to call my Sweet Sweet New Friend to wish her BIRTHDAY but her Dufff cell is off, so here I am wishing her…… 😀


Nursery Rhymes!

Humpty dumpty sat on the wall, Humpty dumpty had a great fall….!

Nursery Rhyme I learnt when I joined the Nursery almost 27 or 28 years back. 🙂
Twinkle Twinkle little star…!

Baa baa Black sheep, have you any wool? …..!

Years passed by and Rhymes also got faded with the passage of time whilst new rhymes replaced the old ones…

5 years back when my cousin joined Montessori, he learnt new Rhyme…
“Five little Monkeys jumping on the bed….!

Now I heard,
Eensey Weensey spider went up the spout….!

Though rhymes have randomly been changing but the learning is as same as it was. Children use to express their selves by their cuddling terms and naughty faces. But truly time has changed the kids’ IQ level or sharpness because they have become more prompt and swift which instantly can bring down the certainty of grown-up.

Based on my personal experience, you are welcome to share your own. 🙂

مگن لڑکی

ہنستی خود ہی روتی تھی ،

ہواؤں سے لڑتی ،

جھرنوں سی بہتی تھی ،

کوئی تارہ جو ٹوٹتا ،

اک ٹک تکا کرتی تھی ،

دل میں کیا تھا اس کے نجانے ،

شام کے ڈھلتے تنہا بیٹھا کرتی تھی ،

اوس کی مانند ، سورج کے ابھرتے ،

اسکی چمک روشنی بکھیرا کرتی تھی ،

وہ لڑکی ،

گہرا سکوت اوڑھے ،

کسی اجڑے گھونسلے کا تنہا مسافر لگتی تھی ،

آخری تنکا سمیٹے ، آباد شجر کی امید رکھتی تھی ،

کوئی گر کے نہ ٹوٹے ،

رستوں پہ دیپ جلاے ، رہبر بنا کرتی تھی ،

اک لڑکی ،

چپ چاپ مگن رہا کرتی تھی !