Old Story!

31 years flew away and I couldn’t hold on anything. I came to realize when I went through photographs and flipped the pages which were meant to be read once in a blue moon.

Nothing made me astonished except the fact that faces in photographs were transformed into dust with the passage of time and so many got their own roads and heading towards their destiny but I, I’m still there standing still though moving with time but my soul has already been confined.

Old Story!


Time Passes by Memories never fade!

I have heard million times that time is a best healer but why do memories last? People speak out whatever they want to without botheration of how badly the front one gets hurt. What so ever, either stay quite or quit but memories remain there.

Why do I have to wait for everything. Wait and unlimited wait. Why there is always a Question Mark board in front of my face which I have to read everyday, every minute and every second?

Why there is always a big WHY for me?

Am I still impatient or am I panicky?