Rizk ya Naseeb!

Well it has been almost 4 months in Canada and I’m still surprised why am I here. Before coming here one of my friend said “Allah insaan ko 2 cheezon k liye hijrat karwata hai, ya to uska Rizk ya uska Naseeb and you never know key tumhey tumhara Rizk bula raha hai ya tumhara Naseeb”. That time I thought she is right because there was no other way to think.

Once I read Hadis e Qudsi “Khud ko Rizk k liye mazeed mushakat mein mat dalo, Rizk tumhey utna zaroor miley ga jitna tumhare naseeb mein likh diya gaya hai” and now when I’m here away from my family and friends, the things and circumstances are forcing me to think that I was having the same “RIZK” back home rather I was enjoying that with my friends and family in my home.

My Phuppo said upon hearing my departure news “key yahan bhi tum Alhamdolillah boht acha Rizk kha rahi ho par shaid Allah ne tumhara Rizk yahan se utha diya hai”. I’m wondering why?

Chacha said “Tum jana chahti ho to zaroor jao par yaad rakhna ye meri umar ka experience hai k insaan khush wahan rehta hai jahan us key apney hon, jab apney paas hon to insaan mushkil waqt bhi guzar laita hai, tanhai mein har asaish bhi kat’ti hai” though I have living with family here too but my Mother, sister, all other relatives and friends are not here with whom I grew up and learned to laugh even in worst.

I’m having all the facilities here, the same Rizk which I was having back home but I’m alone among crowd of people because they are unknown to me.

Though uncle and family and cousins are extremely caring and loving but still there is a lot missing.

No one understands because no one walks in my shoes, can’t speak my heart out, can’t laugh and giggle which I could with friends and family. Rather everyone says “Tum Nashukri ho”!

Aloofness haunts me!