After Thought!

Allah created the woman from the ribs of man and granted her higher rank to be respected and protected by man. She is a Mother most valued relationship for a man on Earth but unfortunately man has forgotten the value of WOMAN. Not specifically as a Mother, sister, daughter or wife but WOMAN is the most disrespectful creature by man on this Earth. Why?


Have you forgotten your religion and Sunnah left by Hadrat Muhammad SWS?


Protect your woman, give them respect. Treat them gently and value them. She is the one who makes a family, gives birth to your children, perform all the duties to raise them and stay loyal to you till her last breath.


But I’m ashamed of man’s behavior who have completely forgotten each and every lesson.


Woman is only there for their enjoyment and fun. They use to treat her inhumanly, make fun and use disrespectful bashful words for her.


This is 100% TRUE! Don’t deny! Being a female I have faced such emotional torture and harassment which makes me feel insecure among PRACTICING MUSLIM BROTHERS. Every female face the same issue in our society. Why?


When Allah has given supreme power to man over woman and made him responsible and protector of her, how could he forget his duty? Why has he become a harasser than securer?


Think about it!


Woman is there to be respected not only as a mother, sister, daughter or wife but A WOMAN! Allah is watching over. Don’t forget the day of judgement!


Right Shot!

I had heard million times that there is always a light after dark, there is always a key to open the door, there is always a window to get the ray of hope but now I learned that sometimes in life few things don’t get the RIGHT SHOT….!


right shot