Is She Blamed?

A lady calls and asks for home address as she wants to visit the family for her brother’s proposal. Mother gets quite happy all of a sudden as she heard of a proposal for her daughter. She joyously gives address and details and waiting anxiously for a day and time to come which lady told her for her visit. Mother arranges every possible thing and plans for her daughter wedding that how will she welcome the guests and what will she arrange for her daughter. She asks her daughter to get ready by the time when a lady will come. All has been decided and refreshments have been arranged. Mother and daughter are waiting for the lady. Half hour is passed then one and after two hours lady calls “Oh sorry I got busy somewhere so couldn’t come, my apology” and hangs up.


Beta go and change and put back everything on its place, I have to offer Namaz.

Lady didn’t show up because she came to know about the class difference between girl’s and her brother. Girl belongs to mediocre but respectable family while lady’s brother is a high class man who use to sit in high class society.

“Story of every other girl now”

Nothing happened but somewhere something has broken! “Mother’s Hope & Girl’s Heart”

Think again.. Is she blamed to be born in mediocre family or ruthless society? Is it her fault?




  1. sad indeed. Dark side of our society :(. At such times people forget that they too have daughters.

    • True and we also forget that our religion doesn’t allow Such discrimination.

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