I want to shout out!

I would have hanged all the males of our society if u would have given the chance!
It’s not because I have personal issues but it’s regarding our male dominating society. Whatever they do they are free to do without any blame. Either they actually kill someone or emotionally hurt someone which is much worst than physically killing someone they are never accused of ruining anyone’s life.
Do you know prophet Muhammad SWS used to stand up to meet Fatima when she used to come to see him. Hadith narrates don’t hit a woman. Don’t abuse a woman. Does our males do so. No! They don’t! Because how will they prove then they are some superior creature on the face of earth. Huhhh!
If a man is angry he will spit out everything either on his wife or daughter or sister or mother. Why? Do they suppose to be your punching bags. Why don’t you care of their dignity and respect. Are they supposed to spit out their anger on you? No way! How dare poor females if they could raise their voice when men are barking. Yes I’m against this MALE superiority drama in our society.
Why can’t they speak politely to their mothers, sisters, wife or daughters? Will it bring down their ego?
Do you know prophet Muhammad SWS said treat woman gently. They are not there to be hit or abused but to be respected and cared.
Open up your minds, respect them, respect their dignity. They deserve to be cared. It’s true Allah has given you the responsibility to take care of them, you are their protector but not a ruler.
How dare you make fun of woman and use them like tissue paper and throw away. You will be answerable in front of Allah. On the day of judgement, you won’t be able to justify your dirty acts against women.
Your mother is a woman and you will enter the heaven because of her, because of her prayers. Be modest! Be humble towards females.
Not all females are there to fulfill your dirty needs but Allah has given and shown you halal ways.

No offence!



Pack up time! Locked my drawers, shut down my system, greeted everyone and left for home.
This happened last week when I took elevator on job at pack up time. A Thai guy of my job place took the same elevator. There are 800 people working in the same building and of course I’m not aware of everyone but we use to exchange hi and bye or weather conversation so did I that day.
I take bus , he might be new and asked me about the bus goes to his route but as I was in rush he asked me to give him my number to tell him and I did.
Shoot man, that was the biggest mistake I made.
Apart from bus thing he sent me few random texts about weather which I ignored. But the next day when I reached home, I received his text inviting me to join him on weekend in shopping mall and hangout. Dude are you crazy!
Next day I discussed with my colleague and she started laughing, like seriously. A Thai man is offering you a date. Hahahahaaa!
My expressions were like puppy face and grouchy, tell me what do I do now? I have never faced such things or scenarios in my life.
It’s a workplace herrasment if he continues so ask him politely that it’s not appropriate, you were just being nice to help your colleague and that’s it but if he doesn’t understand let your supervisor know about.
Thank god he didn’t text me again but at the very moment when I’m writing this post again received his text. I’m going to get coffee why don’t you Join me. You will enjoy time with me.
Now my face is like :$ Mummyyyyyy!
But I’m amazed usually people of different culture don’t approach any other culture’s girl, why is he so blunt?

😦 Mummyyyyyyyy!

Stand Alone!


Flood or Life taker?


Please help!

That’s what I can only request. Please!

I want to go!

Now I don’t wanna live on this earth anymore. Exhausted, bruised and sick!

What If?

Why everyone is living today just to earn money? Money to own a big house, a luxurious car, branded clothes, lavish food and five star life style. Why is everyone running just after money?
Is this all life about? Just earning money?
What am I doing? I am also earning money? Am I running after it? Then why am I not happy?
Money is not important part of my life, it never was or I should say it’s not part of my life either. Then why do all give me examples of earning this much or that much. Does this make any difference?
What if I live in small apartment and doesn’t own a million dollar house? What if I ride a small car but don’t posses BMW or Lexus or Mercedes? I never craved for such things and I don’t? Then what do I want from my life? Why am I not happy? What do I look in people around? Why don’t they inspire me? Why am I Alone? Why have I been getting out of vocabulary day by day?
Is this all life about? That’s why we came to this world? That’s why I have got tired of everything. I have got tired of even breathing. Why life has become meaningless and there remained no point in anything?
What if I end up living in small town but not a big city? What if a small town has something to live for which a big city lacks in?
Do you think the same way? Do you also think that I have psychic problems? Do you think that world means nothing to me anymore so I have serious psychological problems?
What if I die this very moment? Am I prepared? Am I prepared to answer every question of angels in grave and am I prepared to wake up again on the day of resurrection?
I’m always scared of dark what if there is darkness and no light and I can’t think ahead, I’m unable to……..


جانتے ہو غم کی شدت کیا ہوتی ہے اور بےبسی کی انتہا کسے کہتے ہیں؟

کبھی کسی چڑیا کے بچے کو چڑیا کے سامنے مرتے ہوۓ دیکھا ہے….
اس چڑیا کی پھڑ پھڑ آہٹ اس کے درد کی شدت اور بےبسی کا احساس ہے.