I want to shout out!

I would have hanged all the males of our society if u would have given the chance!
It’s not because I have personal issues but it’s regarding our male dominating society. Whatever they do they are free to do without any blame. Either they actually kill someone or emotionally hurt someone which is much worst than physically killing someone they are never accused of ruining anyone’s life.
Do you know prophet Muhammad SWS used to stand up to meet Fatima when she used to come to see him. Hadith narrates don’t hit a woman. Don’t abuse a woman. Does our males do so. No! They don’t! Because how will they prove then they are some superior creature on the face of earth. Huhhh!
If a man is angry he will spit out everything either on his wife or daughter or sister or mother. Why? Do they suppose to be your punching bags. Why don’t you care of their dignity and respect. Are they supposed to spit out their anger on you? No way! How dare poor females if they could raise their voice when men are barking. Yes I’m against this MALE superiority drama in our society.
Why can’t they speak politely to their mothers, sisters, wife or daughters? Will it bring down their ego?
Do you know prophet Muhammad SWS said treat woman gently. They are not there to be hit or abused but to be respected and cared.
Open up your minds, respect them, respect their dignity. They deserve to be cared. It’s true Allah has given you the responsibility to take care of them, you are their protector but not a ruler.
How dare you make fun of woman and use them like tissue paper and throw away. You will be answerable in front of Allah. On the day of judgement, you won’t be able to justify your dirty acts against women.
Your mother is a woman and you will enter the heaven because of her, because of her prayers. Be modest! Be humble towards females.
Not all females are there to fulfill your dirty needs but Allah has given and shown you halal ways.

No offence!



  1. rightly said. Women must be respected, as a mother, sister or wife.

    • And they should be respected even if you don’t have any relation with them because obviously they are mother sister daughter or wife of someone else … I wish people could understand …. 😦

      • Yes I agreed. There are good and bad people in both genders. But obviously, in a male dominating society as ours, male gets away with many things.

        P.S: After reading first line of ur post…Agar aap ka pa ka wazeer-e-azam bananae ka koi irada hai tu pehle hi bta dein, mein bahir panah k lye apply kr dn :p

      • Heheheee…. Don’t worry my friend I’m really good for those who are good. I won’t hang you, you can safely go back to your country. Wazir e azam banne ka koi chance nahi because I don’t live there anymore :p

        I believe that’s it’s all up to parents jo tarbiat karte hain and bache wohi seekhte hain jo wo apne ghar mein daikhte hain, if father doesn’t respect his wife or shout or abuse females at his home then it’s very obvious that his learn the same. Phr hum kehte hain burri society ne kharab kar dia bachon ko… Sad 😦
        Shukar karain I’m not social activist 😀

      • Agreed with ur thoughts…And good that I am safe..Jan talbi ho gayi 🙂 And good that u r not social activist too :p.

      • Hehe… Yea yea you can go back to your home sweet home country :p don’t be scared there won’t be any other like ME 😀

      • haha. nhi, u r a good person MA. All the best for your future 🙂

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