It’s my sister’s wedding Insha’Allah on Jan 31, 2015. Yes coming Saturday and I am planning to visit Pakistan to attend her big day. All depends upon my manager now because he is the only one who could give me days off. My probation period has just started so officially I am not allowed to take vacation. But I just hope that he would give me off.

It’s my plan and then Allah plans  🙂


امجد اسلام امجد

دل کے آتشدان میں شب بھر
کیسے کیسے غم جلتے ہیں!
نیند بھرا سناٹا جس دم
بستی کی اک ایک گلی میں
کھڑکی کھڑکی تھم جاتا ہے
دیواروں پر درد کا کہرا جم جاتا ہے
رستہ تکنے والی آنکھیں اور قندیلیں بجھ جاتی ہیں
تو اس لمحے،
تیری یاد کا ایندھن بن کر
شعلہ شعلہ ہم جلتے ہیں
تم کیا جانو،
قطرہ قطرہ دل میں اترتی اور پگھلتی
رات کی صحبت کیا ہوتی ہے!
آنکھیں سارے خواب بجھا دیں
چہرے اپنے نقش گنوا دیں
اور آئینے عکس بھلا دیں
ایسے میں امیں کی وحشت
درد کی صورت کیا ہوتی ہے!
ایسی تیز ہوا میں پیارے،
بڑے بڑے منہ زور دئیے بھی کم جلتے ہیں
لیکن پھر بھی ہم جلتے ہیں
ہم جلتے ہیں اور ہمارے ساتھ تمہارے غم جلتے ہیں
دل کے آتشدان میں شب بھر
تیری یاد کا ایندھن بن کر
ہم جلتے ہیں.
امجد اسلام امجد

2014 Conclusion!

Today is the last day of 2014. It’s 6:44pm and I have been sitting alone in my room thinking of what did we lose and what did we find in 2014. Sadly, loss is more than anything good. It wasn’t a good year for Pakistan. It started with killing and ended on taken away innocent lives of children and left their parents mourning over for lifetime.
It was an year of struggle and fight. 2014 taught me hundreds of lessons which made me cry my heart out, which broke me down and lost hope in everything. I was slapped by harsh realities and demons of loneliness. In every second I thought of my home, my family and my friends.
But apart from all negative happenings I also found good friends in Canada. Along with bearing harsh weather I finally secured a job which is totally a miracle for me otherwise I would never be able to get that. I’m thankful to all those who gave me an opportunity to prove myself and by the grace of Allah today I’m able to work with good organization.
I strongly believe that Allah is the only one who is providing us sustenance.
I can’t afford to visit Pakistan soon but I will must go one day InshaAllah.
My life is moving on and I certainly don’t know where is it taking me but I know that Allah is the best of planner because yes my belief got stronger when I saw all my plans failed.
Today on the last day of 2014 when I’m slightly recovered from stroke of pneumonia and during all passed days of my sickness when I was unable to open my eyes and reach to get glass of water, I thanked to Allah for all the senses and abilities he has given me. During my illness I learned how helpless you are that you can’t even raise your hand without the will of your lord but we are the ones who continuously disobey.
So as a conclusion, I learned to thank Allah in 2014.
What did you learn?

Happy New Year 2015 to everyone and I pray that this year brings you health, safety, love, peace and humanity.