Life is all about moving on while carrying burden of lessons which we pick up on the way. Those lessons are either make us strong or they teach us in million ways. We are either served by the people or we serve them, either way we learn lesson. By all this learning theory, either we start expecting or we get enough to not ever expect anything from anyone. Later is the best one.

I always used to believe in “WE” and my priority ever started with “THEM” or “WE” but the first lesson I was taught by Canadians was “I” and y bad that I couldn’t learn that lesson and so I am suffering.

My suffering still couldn’t change anything in me and it never would be able to change my approach of viewing life. The only thing I accepted is “No one is yours” and no one will ever bother to think how you feel.

The assurance I have is “surrender”. I have surrendered in front of life, against human beings and now no one could ever hurt me.




  1. Our thoughts and observation change with circumstances we go through in life. IA, it will change for u..

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