Plan less!

33 years of my life taught me meaningful and worth mentioning lessons which I will ever remember. People ask me various questions about my life when they come to know tiny of me and there I lose all my vocabulary and ever green smile.

I remember when I used to complain a lot even for tiny issues and cry like rivers for small broken things but now neither I complain nor I cry. There was a time when I practiced for years a rumbling of entire day story in front of my dad and mom but now it feels like ages have gone but I don’t feel like saying single word.

At times I feel to speak zillions of words but then suddenly I become speechless as if everything is breaking down and I could never integrate and gather words. My long day stories have been vanished with every passing day. I am a completely different person now.

Like everyone, I used to be passionate about future, used to plan, enthusiastic, energetic and a dreamer. But now I feel empty, no dreams, no plans and above all I have lost energy and day by day it’s dripping out of my body drop by drop.

I have stopped planing and devoted my complete existence to Allah. He plans and he is the best of planners. I had to write my performance development plan and mention where would I be in 4 years. That was an overdose for me, though I spent whole day thinking of but couldn’t write single word that where would I be in next 4 years. No clue why, but I have an intuition that I would be no where in 4 years. Perhaps my name would remain there in few instances but otherwise everything will be vanished.

I brought whole set of energy to write all these lines and now I am exhausted.

There is no plan left, no life and no meaning! I have fallen for Allah!



  1. Life is a tough battle and difficult journey..We realize it as we grew older. At least, you have faith and a relationship intact with Allah. That’s the thing that matters. You ll be having happy times in the 4 years period IA 🙂

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