List goes on!

You will be the best Mother ever! Those were not only words but huge compliment for me. It has been 14 or 15 years now, a young reverted Muslim guy told me.

He would be the luckiest person on the face of earth with whom you will get married to. Not only one but number of people said so on my face and I used to laugh only. Yes; because to me laugh is the only answer.

You are the most innocent and sweetest I have ever seen in my life.

I wonder where have you been living, you are so out of this world. I haven’t seen such genuine heart person ever. How will you survive in this fake world, it’s cruel.

You are damn nice bro. I don’t believe how come you are single.

You are amazing person, how come no person ever approached you. You must be lying, aren’t you?

and list goes on but life is going towards final destination. Final destiny which leads to end of life in this temporary world.

I am not afraid of death but only afraid of facing Allah!



  1. But the Source is benevolent…so fear not. Have a good day.

  2. Allah bless u in both worlds..

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