Earthquake in Pakistan; 26 October 2015!

And Allah says, I show you signs so you could learn!

We as human being forget things easily but moments recall in front of us; moments which have passed and moments we try to forget. Despite of all our efforts, it happens that history repeats itself.

I still remember the horror of October 2005 earthquake and how could I forget that. It happened in front of my eyes and everything was so shallow that I couldn’t figured out how and where to run. Deaths, injuries, screams, blood; People were crying for their loved ones. Everyone seemed broken, there were tears and heartaches as everyone was effected one or the other way. We survived.

Today after 10 years, October 26, 2015 Pakistan was once again hit by massive 8.1 earthquake. Though I am not in Pakistan but I could feel the pain of people there. My homeland is again at the verge of destruction, people lost their loved ones, hospitals are no more enough to get hold of injured and dead. Death toll is rising!

Once again we are in the situation of asking forgiveness from Allah. We should! Irrespective of political and sects differences, we need to stand together on humanitarian basis to extend a helping hand to each other. To wipe out tears from eyes, to open the doors of our hearts and houses for our brothers.

Be Generous, be a Human!

Have fear of Allah and ask mercy from him!




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