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A famous writer was in his study room. He picked up his pen and started writing:

**Last year, I had a surgery and my gall bladder was removed. I had to stay stuck to the bed due to this surgery for a long time.
**The same year I reached the age of 60 years and had to give up my favourite job. I had spent 30 years of my life in this publishing company.
**The same year I experienced the sorrow of the death of my father.
**And in the same year my son failed in his medical exam because he had a car accident. He had to stay in bed at hospital with the cast on for several days. The destruction of car was another loss.
At the end he wrote: Alas! It was such bad year!!
When the writer’s wife entered the room, she found he husband looking sad lost in his thoughts. From behind his back she read what was written on the paper. She left the room silently and came back with another paper and placed it on side of her husband’s writing.
When the writer saw this paper, he found this written on it:
**Last year I finally got rid of my gall bladder due to which I had spent years in pain.
**I turned 60 with sound health and got retired from my job. Now I can utilize my time to write something better with more focus and peace.
**The same year my father, at the age of 95, without depending on anyone or without any critical condition met his Creator.
**The same year, Allah blessed my son with a new life. My car was destroyed but my son stayed alive without getting any disability.
At the end she wrote:
This year was an immense blessing of Allah and it passed well!!
The same incidents but different viewpoints. If we ponder with this viewpoint that what could have happened more, we would truly become thankful to Allah subhanawata’aala.
Allah says in Quran:
“And indeed, your Lord is full of bounty for the people but most of them do not show the gratitude”
(Anamal, 73)

Quote of the Day; 4th September, 2010

“When all roads seem closed, Stay calm; wait for the season to change and clear the blockage.”

Quote of the day (10th December, 2009)

“Make your life potentially amusable so you can fit in your skin without being sympathetic to your own self.”

Quote of the day (18th November, 2009)

“Happiness is a butterfly with colors; sense and absorb sagacity but don’t touch or it will evade its colors and pass on.”

Quote of the day (12th November, 2009)

“Take a U turn in life when monotony is dominating the solitude and solitude is pinching to be escaped but bound.”

Monotony and Solitude

Quote of the day (4th November, 2009)

“We can’t hold fragrance in hand, let it spread so surrounding could be fragrant; Love can’t be tied in chains, let it go so it could adorn someone’s life with care.”

love and care