Earn 75 Points

1. Start your day with the name of Allah the most merciful.

2. Remember someone is ever and everywhere watching over i.e. Allah.

3. Offer prayer 5 times a day.

4. Try to Follow the Sunnat e Muhammad SWS.

5. Work after Bismillah.

6. Earn Halal.

7. Wear a Big Smile on your face.

8. Look around to search needy.

9. Love Humanity.

10. Help before others.

11. If you can’t give, never try to snatch.

12. Learn from your mistakes.

13. Never go against nature.

14. Make yourself flexible so others could accommodate you in their room.

15. Learn to share.

16. Eat Healthy rather junk.

17. Be patient, so you can have a fruit.

18. Remember; end of the day you will get resulted what you have done in the start.

19. Wear Descent and simple so present you with dignity.

20. Parents are blessing, take care of them.

21. Learn to Love and be loved.

22. Always focus on the tiny hole of incoming light, rest will be dark; ignore it.

23. Step ahead, never freak out of hurdles.

24. Take lessons from the children, they are better teachers then adults.

25. Just opt for bringing smile on faces, at the end of the day, you will win millions.

26. Look at Full moon and praise for its beauty but never try to have it in your hand.

27. Love yourself more then your ego.

28. If you want to live happily on earth, make sure to keep your Allah happy with you.

29. Trust in Allah and forget your worries.

30. Believe everything but trust nothing.

31. Don’t forget the Past but learn from it.

32. Make your surrounding noisy so you couldn’t get lost in silence.

33. Wake up early to breath fresh rather polluted.

34. Learn to compromise rather stubborn.

35. Make your day by making it great for others, try it; you wont loose.

36. Look at the flowers bloom, you will learn to bloom in life.

37. Not try to be good or bad, ordinary or special but a human.

38. Learn to smile.

39. Remember Allah in every line you speak so will he.

40. Take out sometime for yourself cause others will not notice you if you won’t yourself.

“These five Earning Points are contributed by Yasser; A microsoft person. They are fabulous, I appreciate your contribution which added some precious words in Points”

41. Leave the world a little better, Whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition

42. Learn to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends.

43. The intellect is always better than desire, The Intellect makes you a master of your destiny and the desire makes you a slave of your destiny (Ali R.A)

44. Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed until it is faced.

45. Don’t fall in love with the looks of a person, you got to remember light travels faster than sound

“My Points”

46. Every person lives a child inside, let him live; the day he will die, Person will certainly start spending life instead of living.

47. Don’t make friends in hurry cause it hurts more when you are empty handed in the next step.

48. Do take out time to cry alone, it will wash eyes and your vision will become transparent.

49. Always remember, there is always a harsh reality behind every laugh out loud face; he is weeping inside.

50. When last decision is made, accept it as it is. Don’t complain but accept and admit the will of Allah.

51. Live with courage.

52. Hate to earn sympathy.

53. Strengthen your soul and believe on your abilities, world is yours.

54. Never dare to fly above the sky, you will hit badly upon falling; neutralize your life.

55. Follow your heart but block the voice of your brain.

56. Laugh and giggle so our inner temptation arises to the sky.

57. Spend before keeping an eye on your neighbour hood, they might be needy with self respect.

58. Never blame luck, it’s all what you deserve but you are not aware of cause Allah’s knowledge is infinite.

59. Love and extra care your parents, they are only to guard you unconditionally from the burning heat of life by praying to Allah.

60. Think optimistically, smile joyfully, talk gently, live lively; you owe the world.

61. Live for humanity but die for yourself; you have to go in your own grave to answer your own deeds.

62. Think big and let your dreams fly high but always keep string in your hand.

63. Praise the goodness but avoid to flatter; it causes misery more terrible than pushing someone to ravine.

64. Be honest and live honest, you will be rewarded if you wont keep expectations.

65. Always try to be crowded with soft spoken and down to earth rather open mouthed jerks.

66. Steal time from Life for yourself so it may not treat you for granted.

67. Life is as beautiful as one thinks, otherwise None can bear the bitterness of Life.

68. Value yourself otherwise None will treat you on heights.

69. Don’t try to make friends, Life will take you meet them by the way.

70. Human is the most mysterious Creature on Earth, never try to explore or you will remain empty handed at the end of day.

71. Look forward for something until it gets dark. Onward only solitude’s left.

72. Sometime it takes ages to come out of trance and mostly it gets over in a blink of an eye.

73. Stars twinkle until they are out of reach. As soon as they come closer, black holes are the ones they are.

74. One day your efforts will be rewarded but you might not be there to enjoy your prize.

75. Believe everything but Trust nothing.



  1. Very Nice. (MA) if i am not mistaken before it was Earn 25 points. Am i right?

  2. 🙂 yea i update them with increement of 5 points….

    • oh last time i saw, it was 25 points, i think i should subscribe to your blog. Also i would like to contribute to this list in future:)

      • 🙂
        yea sure…I will appreciate your contribution….

      • Thanks Yasser, you increemented my points 🙂

      • you are Welcome…

  3. I have one!
    Allah Burdens not a person beyond his capacity = You’re stronger than you think! 😀

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