Happy New Year 2016!

World is celebrating New Year. They dance, party and enjoy every moment of life.

World is thinking of controlling global warming, cut down poverty by encouraging charity, donations and volunteering. This has been happening all around the well developed countries of world.

If we look at Pakistan, unbelievable situation. Corruption, law & order situation, calamities, and violence. Cheery on top, our media is promoting dramas full of unethical, immoral and unislamic norms. Where we should think of controlling poverty, inflation and improving living conditions, we are promoting Saas Bahu, Nand Bhabi, Husband Wife fights, their domestic politics and breaking relations.

On the other side, we have been seeing shows reflecting patience, humanity, healing and justice.

I hope we see good change in New Year.

Happy New Year



Earthquake in Pakistan; 26 October 2015!

And Allah says, I show you signs so you could learn!

We as human being forget things easily but moments recall in front of us; moments which have passed and moments we try to forget. Despite of all our efforts, it happens that history repeats itself.

I still remember the horror of October 2005 earthquake and how could I forget that. It happened in front of my eyes and everything was so shallow that I couldn’t figured out how and where to run. Deaths, injuries, screams, blood; People were crying for their loved ones. Everyone seemed broken, there were tears and heartaches as everyone was effected one or the other way. We survived.

Today after 10 years, October 26, 2015 Pakistan was once again hit by massive 8.1 earthquake. Though I am not in Pakistan but I could feel the pain of people there. My homeland is again at the verge of destruction, people lost their loved ones, hospitals are no more enough to get hold of injured and dead. Death toll is rising!

Once again we are in the situation of asking forgiveness from Allah. We should! Irrespective of political and sects differences, we need to stand together on humanitarian basis to extend a helping hand to each other. To wipe out tears from eyes, to open the doors of our hearts and houses for our brothers.

Be Generous, be a Human!

Have fear of Allah and ask mercy from him!



Flood or Life taker?


Please help!

That’s what I can only request. Please!

Humans of Pakistan

Our new generation believes in themselves and work hard which reflects that future of Pakistan is bright and in good hands. They support humanity and participate tp play their role rather looking for government or any other help.

Following are the links of their fewer work which made me share their work on my blog. If you believe that you are true Pakistani and love Pakistan then participate generously and be a helping hand.









Be Pakistani! (Help IDP’s)




A country whose name is familiar to everyone around the world. This should be a pride for us but is it a pride anymore? Is Pakistan famous for it’s Gems and Minerals or Pak Forces or Intelligent nation or Technology? No; it’s not famous for all the good reasons but for terrorism, scare to death bomb blasts, insecurity, violence, brutality and non other than corruption. Aren’t these enough reasons to be shameful? But above all, are Pakistanis responsible for all such things? Why have Pakistanis have become messed up nation? Pakistan wasn’t created on the name of violence or corruption. It came into existence on the name of Unity, Faith & Strength and in short Islam so named as Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Though Pakistan has become a wrestling ring for everyone, everyone has been playing his part to destroy it as much as possible but despite of the fact that Pakistanis are still Pakistanis. They have bigger and open hearts for each other, they still believe in Muslim brotherhood. Though most of our elders have forgotten most of the lessons which they were taught by their Great Leader Quaid e Azam but our new generation still feels the love for their country and countrymen. They have stars in their eyes and hopes in their hearts which is keeping their morale high up to the sky. I am not saying this randomly but I have come across so many youngsters with high hopes and tranquility. They are passionate to bring peace and work hard to make Pakistan a proud country by giving people around the world all the good reasons to respect Pakistan and love Pakistanis.

There are people in Pakistan who are still standing unite and have faith to strengthen their nation by all good means, helping and providing support in hard situations. Pakistan is going through a state of war in most of the areas especially North Waziristan nowadays. There are millions of IDP’s migrating from their area to KPK  and they are looking forward for their brothers help. It’s a time that we as a nation join our hands and arrange shelter for them and giving them a sense of security that they are not alone and we have been standing beside them through every thick and thin.

Here few words of Ashfaq Ahmed are appearing in my mind that “Allah key diye mein se diya karo, tu ne konsa apney pal’ley se daina hota hai” translated as “Give from what Allah has given you, you are not giving out of your own pocket”!

Entire Muslim Ummah knows that Ramadan is going to be started Insha’Allah today in many countries and tomorrow in others according to different time zones. So, it’s a humble request to keep your brothers with you during this Ramadan, if you have been given enough by Allah Almighty so it’s your responsibility to support those who are needy and looking forward to Allah’s help. So, be a reason of someone’s smile and collect blessings in this world and Akhirah too.

Join your hands and be a part of someone’s prayers. Allah is watching over.

Be Pakistani!


If any of you want to help IDP’s and play your part to be a Pakistani, Please visit the following page and give your donations.





یہ ماں آہ و زاری کرتی ہے!

کیوں شر پھیلاتے ہو لوگو ، کیوں خون بہاتے ہو لوگو،

میں تمہاری ماں نہ سہی ، دھرتی ماں تو ہوں ،

کیوں نقب لگاتے ہو لوگو، کیوں نفرتیں پھیلاتے ہو لوگو،

میں تمہاری تخلیق نہ سہی، لاکھوں کا خواب تو ہوں،

کیوں میری مٹی کو خوں میں بھگوتے ہو لوگو، کیوں سروں پہ خاک سجاتے ہو لوگو ،

میں ارض وطن ، میں مملکت قائد ، میں اسلامی جمہوریہ پاکستان ہی ہوں،

یہ ارض سلامت رہے لوگو، یہ ملک سلامت رہے لوگو،

کچھ تو شرم کرو، کچھ تو حیا کرو ،

تمہاری جستجو نہ سہی، تمہارے اجداد کے خوابوں کی تعبیر تو ہوں،

بہت بہایا خون، بہت رنگ لی زمین،

اب بس کر انساں، اب ہمت نہیں، اب لاشیں سمبھالنے کو جگہ نہیں،

اب سنبھل جا، اب رک جا ، تیری ماں یہ گریہ کرتی ہے،

میرے حال پہ تو اب رحم کر، مجھے لاشے سنبھالنے کا حوصلہ نہیں

اب حوصلہ نہیں 

Slum !

“Baji safai karwani hai?”
“Sahab sheesha saaf kar doon?”

Children roaming around the streets and lingering on roads while knocking every car window, asking for cleaning the front shield or knocking every door in the street for every sort of usual tasks.

Are they slum or their poor living condition and circumstances are forcing them to do labor instead of going to school or live and enjoy the life as other children are adding value to their healthy life.

People use to allow them to clean the wind shield or clean the drive way or hedges but don’t bother to think about their future or giving them education and necessities of life. They just bother to take out their work by paying them 10 to 20 Rs and feel as their responsibility is concerned only to this point.

Number of slum children is increasing day by day and more roads are covered by them now. At the end of the day, they use to collect garbage and grass, fill them in their sacks and take them home. No one knows whether they will come tomorrow or be seen on the roads or one of them will die tonight by starvation.

Isn’t it our moral duty or ethical responsibility to consider those infants along with our own kids?