Happy New Year 2016!

World is celebrating New Year. They dance, party and enjoy every moment of life.

World is thinking of controlling global warming, cut down poverty by encouraging charity, donations and volunteering. This has been happening all around the well developed countries of world.

If we look at Pakistan, unbelievable situation. Corruption, law & order situation, calamities, and violence. Cheery on top, our media is promoting dramas full of unethical, immoral and unislamic norms. Where we should think of controlling poverty, inflation and improving living conditions, we are promoting Saas Bahu, Nand Bhabi, Husband Wife fights, their domestic politics and breaking relations.

On the other side, we have been seeing shows reflecting patience, humanity, healing and justice.

I hope we see good change in New Year.

Happy New Year



Travelling around the World!

I want to travel around the World. But travelling is an expensive hobby though I have started making my list. Let’s see how soon I would be able to make it come true.

Heart throbbing Saudi Arabia (Makkah and Madina). Who doesn’t want to go there and feel unbelievable spirituality of Allah’s home! I hope could go there ASAP.

Next Country added in my travelling list is India. Because I would love to visit Taj Mahal, the beautiful heritage of Mughals and of course Aagra. Nevertheless Gowa because it is recommended by one of my indian friend. You must visit Gowa, it’s a beautiful beach resort.

Then I would like to go to Egypt, Pyramids are the most appealing one to visit in Egypt.

Turkey! It’s beautiful, I heard and ancient building of Istanbul.

US; How could it be out of my list. Because of life in US. People say time is faster than light in US. I want to see, how?

Iran. I don’t know but I have always had kind of affiliation with Iran.


List goes on and needs research.

If you know any place worth visiting, do suggest.  🙂

World Hates Women! Why?


What If?

Why everyone is living today just to earn money? Money to own a big house, a luxurious car, branded clothes, lavish food and five star life style. Why is everyone running just after money?
Is this all life about? Just earning money?
What am I doing? I am also earning money? Am I running after it? Then why am I not happy?
Money is not important part of my life, it never was or I should say it’s not part of my life either. Then why do all give me examples of earning this much or that much. Does this make any difference?
What if I live in small apartment and doesn’t own a million dollar house? What if I ride a small car but don’t posses BMW or Lexus or Mercedes? I never craved for such things and I don’t? Then what do I want from my life? Why am I not happy? What do I look in people around? Why don’t they inspire me? Why am I Alone? Why have I been getting out of vocabulary day by day?
Is this all life about? That’s why we came to this world? That’s why I have got tired of everything. I have got tired of even breathing. Why life has become meaningless and there remained no point in anything?
What if I end up living in small town but not a big city? What if a small town has something to live for which a big city lacks in?
Do you think the same way? Do you also think that I have psychic problems? Do you think that world means nothing to me anymore so I have serious psychological problems?
What if I die this very moment? Am I prepared? Am I prepared to answer every question of angels in grave and am I prepared to wake up again on the day of resurrection?
I’m always scared of dark what if there is darkness and no light and I can’t think ahead, I’m unable to……..

I am trying! For Allah’s sake!

I am trying to change myself not for this world and people living in it but for Allah who has created me, to whom I am answerable and to whom I have to return one day. So I want to prepare myself for the day I have to leave this material world and return to Allah… I am weak but I know Allah will give me strength to change myself for him Insha’Allah!

Say Something!


Riddle !

When I lost my faith,

Tear off mask, kill inertia,

When all seem quiet,

The baffled emotions, ruptured maze,

Eradicated ugliness,

Penchant waves hide the fright,

My loath actions moved ahead,

In the darkness of light,

Fringing sights seem oblivious,

They never died nor hide,

But my faithless eyes,

Lost all colors, still all glare white,

Mystery remains unread, undisclosed,

Magical sphere enclosed my existence,

Transparent and deep, engraving sight,

Yet I am open to read,

Unfortunately the misunderstanding of all,

Rusted locks never unlock,

Far mystical visions which remain unseen,

To their easiness, I am alive slight,

Dead souls don’t need world, neither it’s bright!